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Anti- Personnel

لغم أرضي

Author -Director

Elie Kamal

Theatrical Play




Synopsis : 

Anti-personnel is a play about a man and a woman trapped on what they believe to be a land-mine carrying them.

The idea of leaving is always present, but the obsession with the explosion of the mine as soon as the weight is lifted

prevents their journey from being a walk in the park.
The land-mine 's existence is still to be confirmed, yet not denied.

Anti-personnel is a black comedy play. It's a reflection on existence, life and human relationship.

Jahida Wehbe

"Nomad's Land" Album photoshoot and visuals of Artist Jahida Wehbe (2019)

Julia Boutros

Photography and Visuals shooting of covers and albums of Artist Julia Boutros (2017 & 2018)

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